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the_circle_centreContact Information and Hours:

The Circle Women’s Collective
1285 Western Road,
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 1H2
Telephone: 519-432-8353 ext. 28288
Twitter: @thecirclewc

Organizational Architecture

The Circle Women’s Collective is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization.  We embrace co-creative and mutually empowering forms of leadership and therefore our operations are guided through a variety of volunteer “working circles” and “event circles.”  We value every voice at the table, knowing that the inclusive weaving of diverse opinions, thoughts and ideas create a richer, more dynamic outcome.  We begin each meeting with a ritual and/or reflection and use a “beyond consensus” circle model for decision making.  If you would like to explore volunteering for one of our working circle or events, please email or call.

Volunteer Circles

The Circle can only exist because of the generosity and talent of our volunteers! We have 2 types of volunteer circles that help to create The Circle’s various offerings.  The first type is our “Working Circles.”  Working Circles, like The Circle Council, and the Spinner, Editorial and Dynamikos Circles, require that our volunteers commit to monthly meetings throughout the year.  Event Circles gather volunteers for a limited period of time ( 2 months or so) to organize individual events.

  • The Circle Council – The Circle Council is The Circle’s board of directors. This circle of volunteers are responsible for “holding the vision” of The Circle, at the same time ensuring that The Circle is compliant with all regulations governing a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization.  They are the loom upon which many of The Circle’s threads get woven.
  • Spinners Circle – this circle of women are responsible for the administrative aspects of The Circle, from
  • Editorial Circle – this circle is responsible for the creative writing and production of The Circle Newsletter. Using a co-creative process of writing, the central reflection of the newsletter weaves all voices that sit at the table into the tapestry of thought that is featured on the front page of the newsletter.  Members are responsible, on a rotating basis for the newsletter’s other columns and features.
  • Dynamikos Circle – is responsible for our monthly Open Circle.  They select the monthly themes and facilitators, as well has hosting/providing welcome to participants at Open Circle itself..
  • Event Circles – event circles are formed surrounding individual events and are responsible for co-creating and implementing all details related to the event – schedule, atmosphere, elements of the event, publicity, etc.The_Circle_Organisational_Architecture


  • The Circle is and always has been supported by community women, through their memberships and donations. To become a member click HERE.