snowdrops emerging from the snow

This event was held on Sunday, February 28, 2021
This event was offered as a gift with no cost to participate.

In collaboration with WomanSpirit Ireland, we invite you to virtually gather with us as we experience “Brighid, Dancing Spring’s Threshold”.

Together we will dance Spring’s threshold by immersing ourselves in the traditions of Brighid.  Join us and listen to guest speaker Mary Condren as she shares her knowledge and wisdom about the Irish and other Old European traditions on the rituals of Spring.

PLEASE NOTE: A Zoom link providing you with access will be sent to you the day prior to the event.

In Preparation for Brighid, Dancing Spring’s Threshold:

Bowls of milk, bread, honey and waterFor an immersive experience in this ritual, we recommend you have/prepare the following items and have them present in your ritual space when we begin:

Optional Pre-event Readings by Mary Condren


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