Brighid Festival


Why Brighid?

“Brighid provides an image of empowerment, integrity, courage, and complexity. She was pagan and Christian, rich and poor, slave and free. She invites us, therefore, to focus on what we have in common, rather than on what divides us.” – Mary Condren

For many years now the feminist movement has yearned to recuperate a symbolic system and ritual tradition that honours and brings to consciousness the Feminine Sacred, for which the figure of Brighid is a powerful metaphor. The myths, traditions and tales of St. Brighid are often merged with the Old Irish Wise Woman, the Cailleach, and the Celtic Goddess Brighid, providing us with a rich and extraordinary figure to explore and inspire us. She is an ancient role model for modern women – a leader and a revolutionary, a healer and a wise woman. Through Brighid, women can deepen their connection to a healthy and holistic spirituality and be empowered to become an agent of transformation and change.