masthead_colour_shadowIn the Spring of 1991, The Circle Newsletter‘s premier edition was published and chronicled the birth of The Circle, our first public event (the Ritual of Re-Membering, commemorating the first anniversary of the Montreal Massacre), our newly created vision statement, upcoming events, a book review and the “Forging Links” column, featuring information about other Canadian or international women’s groups.   This publication became a cornerstone communication with Circle members and women in the wider community.

The Circle Newsletter was unique in that our “front page” featured a reflection that was written using a co-creative process by all women on the Editorial Circle (the volunteer circle that produces the newsletter). We felt that this process of co-creation distilled the musings, opinions and experiential wisdom of our many voices and provided a reflection that is rich, layered and that hopefully tapped into the universal.

The opportunity for individuals to share their insights, writings, connections or information was offered through our columns and short notices. Columns that were often featured:

  • Down to Earth – featuring eco-feminist, eco-spiritual and earth friendly information.
  • On Our Shelves – a book review column for both fiction and non-fiction works of women authors and films.
  • Noteworthy – news items of importance within the local, national or international feminist community.
  • Just a Click Away – featuring websites worth sharing.
  • Women’s Community Events -sharing women’s events and initiatives from other organizations or individuals.


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